What is Shirodhara?[other sections]

Shirodhara is the distinctive treatment of the Ayurvedic medicine. It means “continuous flow on the head” and it consists in a gentle stream of warm oil on the forehead. It stimulates the sixth chakra point, the so-called "third eye", placed at the centre of the forehead, and the head-scalp. Combined with massage, it has psychophysical benefits:

 > It deeply relaxes body and mind.
 > It balances the emotional activity and the mental hyperactivity.
 > It improves memory, concentration, self-esteem and security.
 > It eliminates anxiety, insomnia and irritability.
 > It nourishes hair and prevents hair loss strengthening the roots.
 > It promotes skin radiance and has anti-wrinkle action.


After five thousand years, today Shirodhara
lives a second life
Your clients will gain knowledge of it on TV, Internet and specialised magazines.
There is a growing demand of this treatment, and it is intendend to be a boom in this sector.


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