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Make your centre an excellence
in the execution of Shirodhara,
the five thousand years old Ayurvedic treatment,
today more and more valued.

What is Shirodhara?

Shirodhara is the distinctive treatment of the Ayurvedic medicine. It means “continuous flow on the head” and it consists in a gentle stream of warm oil on the forehead. It stimulates the sixth chakra point, the so-called "third eye", placed at the centre of the forehead, and the head-scalp. Combined with massage, it has psychophysical benefits:

 > It deeply relaxes body and mind.
 > It balances the emotional activity and the mental hyperactivity.
 > It improves memory, concentration, self-esteem and security.
 > It eliminates anxiety, insomnia and irritability.
 > It nourishes hair and prevents hair loss strengthening the roots.
 > It promotes skin radiance and has anti-wrinkle action.


After five thousand years, today Shirodhara
lives a second life
Your clients will gain knowledge of it on TV, Internet and specialised magazines.
There is a growing demand of this treatment, and it is intendend to be a boom in this sector.


The state-of-the-art

Shirodara Balance of mind® is a must-have for those centres that want to distinguish themselves as an excellence in the execution of Shirodhara.

The machine (
Spiritual Sun global patent) solves all the manual execution difficulties that can occur using warmers. In particular:
> It guarantees a continuous and constant flow of oil.
> It guarantees the maintenance of the same ideal temperature of the oil.
> It allows the operator to focus completely on the customer.

Shirodara Balance of mind® is the only system that complies at 100% with the original Ayurvedic treatment. No other method allows to obtain these results, either today or (considering the exclusive patent) in the future.

Only with Shirodara Balance of mind® your clients will try what means to lose themselves in the Shirodara treatment.

Benefits for your centre

> Centre of excellence
Shirodara Balance of mind® is a distinctive sign for the excellence of your centre. It guarantees the best possible execution of a more and more valued treatment.

> Innnovation
Your centre will be the state-of-the-art in the search of wellness for your customers. Shirodhara is the ideal innovation for campaigns in order to acquire new customers or to attract older ones.

> Increase of the average revenue per visit
Shirodhara is normally combined with massage. It has also a high profit, since it incentivizes the booking of massage, increasing the average revenue per customers visit. Therefore, it is simply amortizable and it has a great costs/benefits relation.

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